Here is the story of ‘Joe the Plumber’ made famous by John McCain in the last debate. Barack Obama had an altercation with this American worker recently. See the video and photo.

Barack Obama’s tax plan identifies Joe the Plumber as a rich American. See and hear Joe Wurzelbacher and make up your own minds. He is apparently fed up with Washington taxation and dismisses Obama as a “Socialist”.

He was mentioned in the debate so many times that it became rather comical. But underlying the story of this one American is the crux of the economic disagreement between the two candidates. McCain’s position is nobody should pay higher taxes during a recession, so that businesses can create jobs, and that the only time in American history this was done was during Herbert Hoover’s administration. Obama’s position is that wealth should be redistributed regardless of economic times in the interest of fairness, even if that means fewer jobs.

Joe the Plumber called Barack Obama a “socialist” for these views. That is perhaps harsh rhetoric, although the view is consistent with historically Marxist teachings.

Joe the Plumber (Video)