I wrote here yesterday how the 6th Circuti voted en banc to enforced the TRO against Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner of Ohio. Today the Cleveland Plains Dealer reports that Brunner has been withholding over 200,000 unmatched voter registration forms from the local election officials. Essentially Brunner is being a partisan political hack, but the real effect is that she is subverting Democracy. You see, she doesn’t want the local election officials to investigate these fraudulent voter registration forms, so she has simply been withholding them so that no investigation could take place at all.

So, the 6th Circuit has ordered her to comply and provide the information to the local officials. These registrations simply do not match any information from DMV records, Social Security records, property records, tax records or anything that could be used to substantiate these voter forms. What will probably happen is that anyone who comes in to vote under one of these flagged names will probably have to cast a provisional ballot. This could lead to a long night Nov. 5th.

I could live if the Democrats could manage to win this election fair and square. But this ACORN crap seems like a blatant attempt to steal the election, which is unacceptable.

Huge h/t to Ace.