Tonight is the final presidential debate, and I’m glad. My body can’t take it anymore. If we had three or four more debates to get through, you’d have to haul me off to the Betty. You see, I play the Presidential Debate Drinking game while live-Tweeting.

During the last debate I chose the cue “My Friends” as my take-a-shot sign. Needless to say, my head really hurt the next morning. Tonight I’m thinking of using “failed policies of the past eight years.” Whaddya think? Will I get alcohol poisoning?

Who wants to play tonight? If you are a teetotaler, well, sucks to be you. But you could always use… well, tea I suppose. Just don’t use coffee so late in the evening – I am not taking responsibility for your sleepless night. Obama is probably already guilty of that.

Join me here and at Twitter as I get progressively (eek, terrible choice of word) pickled. Might as well get used to it, because if The Messiah is elected, I plan to spend the next four years blacked out. Oops, was that racist? ;)