Live webcam feed, video and transcript of the 3rd presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama appears below when available. Meanwhile, enjoy an open thread to discuss the debate between the two presidential candidates. The time of the debate will be Wednesday, October 15th at 9pm EST at Hofstra University.

The poor economy continues to propel Barack Obama to a slight lead in the polls between 4-5 points. The public has not yet associated the Democrat majority in Congress with the economic downturn, although pundits expect that reality to change in the next two years. Politics is cyclical and eventually the party in power will be held accountable by the electorate. Meanwhile some in the majority prefer to election rap.

While the Obama campaign continues to root in a political sense for painful economic disaster, the soaring stock market this week provided some heartburn. Polls have already closed by 2 points in the past two days which is leading some analysts to pen the unthinkable: another McCain comeback after the 3rd debate.

We expect some fireworks during this debate. All of the campaign buzz this week has been about Obama’s association with William Ayers and his participation with the ACORN voter fraud organization. The questions have reached critical mass and therefore will come up, not necessarily by McCain but in the form of a question that opens up this can of worms. There are just too many concerns for CBS moderator Bob Schaeffer to ignore Obama’s background on these associations.

The 3rd presidential debate between Obama and McCain will be very interesting to watch. I hope you’ll join us here to discuss the debate before, during and after the event. The comments are open for discussion.

Debate web-cam feed, video and transcript will be added below when they are available.

Presidential Debate Live Feed (Web-cam)

3rd Obama McCain Debate (Video)

Coming on October 15th after the debate time at 9pm EST, 6pm PDT.

Debate Transcript, courtesy of the Commission on Presidential Debates.