The question is whether or not Joe Biden has had botox. We’ll provide you with before and after videos below so that you can make up your own mind.

So much time is spent on issues and whether or not a Presidential candidate has any experience that would prepare him for the Presidency and if the belief systems of his long list of friendships is an indication of his own beliefs. All of that is well and good, but we have neglected to address another pressing issue.

Does Biden botox?

We know he has hair plugs and capped teeth. Those are a given and no one has ever questioned that. But the botox issue is relatively new. It became a subject of a great deal of speculation when he seemed unable to move his forehead when he went up against the lovely Sarah Palin during the recent vice presidential debate.

In addition to his immobile forehead, I noticed a sleepy-eyed appearance and upturn in the corner of his eyes that is certainly suspect. Of course, I have to qualify all of that by saying that I have no expertise whatsoever in the field of cosmetic surgery. Still, one does notice what one notices. And, I might add, I’m not the only one.

A Biden spokesperson said that the speculation of the botoxing of the would-be President Vice-President is absolutely untrue. His spokesperson went on to blame Bush for the worry lines. Of course it would be Bush’s fault! Seeing as Bush is still President, that line of defense for the lack of lines in his forehead didn’t really explain why the lines would be gone at this point.

And so, the question of Biden botox remains unanswered. I’ve included a couple of before and after videos below for you to view so you can come to your own conclusions. What do you think? Does he or doesn’t he?

Joe Biden – Video
July 23, 2007 Democratic Primary Debate

Joe Biden – Video
October 1, 2008 Vice Presidential Debate

Photo: WENN