Prostitutes are doing just fine in spite of current economic woes. Wall Street isn’t hurting the sex industry that much. Read about it below.

The economy may blow right now, but prostitutes are doing just fine thank you very much. In fact, it seems that in these difficult times, men are in even more need of some relief from the stresses of their 9 to 5s. Prostitution is prospering in these hard economic times.

A group of hookers who work for Madam Sadie’s, just north of Wall Street, say that their hands are full with clients who are coming to them rather than the more expensive hookers the Wall Street crowd usually patronize. They’ve been so busy, they’ve hardly had a chance to stand up and get some rest. These naughty ladies of the night are reaping the benefits of helping these troubled financial guys feel all better. They are putting their kids through college, building their bank accounts and don’t even have to get out of bed to do it.

There is cause and effect in all things including the sex trade. Just like the sinking economy is lowering gas prices, its also rising men’s need for comfort in the arms of a little strange love.