Amid the talk of September 11th, March 11 in Spain and July 7 in London, one date always seems to go unmentioned. October 12, 2002 was the day – or evening, to be more accurate – that bombs shook the entertainment district of Bali, killing 202 people.

Many of those murdered by Islamists in the name of Allah were Australians, vacationing in Indonesia.

“Six years ago, 88 Australians lost their lives and many more were injured in the bombings in Bali. Today we honor their memory,” Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, said in a speech read on behalf of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

“We pause also to remember the 38 Indonesians and 76 people from other countries who were killed in that dreadful attack.”

It would be inconceivable to hold a vigil for every Muslim atrocity committed around the globe, or we would never again be able to speak or work or blow the candles out. However, when these large-scale attacks on freedom and democracy occur, they should be marked. We should strive to remember those innocents who died for no other reason than Allah seeks vengeance against those who are free.

Remember Bali today. It might be your vacation/city/friends next time.