Meet Naamua Delaney, hot CNN anchor and reporter. Read her biography and see a photo and video of her below.

Naamua Delaney has been a lead anchor for Live since December 2007. She anchors news reports during the afternoon and early evening for ‘Now in the News’. Her show is a fast paced live multi-stream video service with hourly web and wireless updates.

Her audience considers her hot, beautiful and love the sound of her voice.

Naamua Delaney Biography

Naamua Delaney is 35-years-old. She was born in Kent County, England and has a law degree from the University of London. As part of her studies, she spent time in Vancouver, British Columbia in a student exchange program working on a local newspaper.

When she graduated in 1996, she moved to Winnipeg, Canada where she began her career as an entertainment reporter for the Manitoba Television Network (MTN). She also spent two years as an entertainment reporter and host for Vancouver Television, part of the Canadian Television Network (CTN). In 1999, she moved to Boston to work as an entertainment reporter for WFTX. Delaney left Boston for New York City in 2003 to take a position with WNYW. While there she was awarded an Emmy for her work. She also hosted iVillage Live, a daily talk show with the NBC networks.

Delaney now lives in the Midtown area of Atlanta. She is actively involved in charitable and educational events. She has served as a moderator for the 30th annual H. Naylor Fitzhugh Conference at Harvard Business School. She has served as an emcee for the 40th Annual Awards Dinner for Boston Community Development and for the United Way’s Champion of Change awards.

Check out more photos of Naamua and get a sense of her style as featured in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Naamua Delaney – Video
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