Saturday Night Live launches Weekend Update Thursday specials for October, 2008. There are three episodes scheduled for October, the first one premiering the 9th, after “the Office�? on NBC. The premiere episode featured a 10 minute bit with Darrell Hammond’s McCain and Fred Armisen’s Obama in a spot on replica of the town hall debate (VIDEO). Chris Parnell showed up as Tom Brokaw. He was quite funny as he kept interrupting the candidates for time. McCain’s spoof kept walking in front of the camera and talking about how bi-partisan he is. Obama’s spoof was just a mildly mocking imitation without much digging on his personality or any of his oddities. Bill Murray shows up to ask what the candidates plan on doing to make sure the Cubs don’t lose in the post season again. Both parodies give him straight talk, and state that the Cubs will never win. Perhaps the show is not as fair as it could be, but nonetheless, it was pretty funny!

After the debate bit, the rest of the show is the Thursday edition of Weekend Update (that’s right, no Sarah Palin/Tina Fey). Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler do a great job anchoring as usual. It should offer some needed relief from the daily barrage of bad news and the bickering political scene.