Republican Presidential candidate Senator John McCain faced a booing crowd of supporters today for rebuking a man who said he would be “scared… to bring a child up” if Senator Barack Obama was elected president. So what is up with that?!? Read more about it, see photos, and watch a video of the incident below.

Today at a McCain rally in Wisconsin, a young man stood up and said he and his wife were expecting a child, adding, “We’re scared of an Obama presidency,�? then went on to ask McCain about who he would appoint to the Supreme Court. McCain began his answer by telling the crowd that Obama “is a decent person, a person you don’t have to be scared to be president.�?

That statement drew loud boos.

John McCain continued on telling those at the rally that he admired and respected his Democratic rival.

“We want to fight, and I will fight, but we will be respectful. I admire Senator Obama and his accomplishments and I will respect him,” McCain said at a Minnesota rally.

“I want everyone to be respectful and let’s make sure we are, because that is the way that politics should be conducted in America.”

If you believe the polls, Obama seems to have the momentum. If you combine that with worry that John McCain is not doing enough to stop that or is acting too late, some fears and frustrations may be overflowing a wee bit as we get closer to the election. I know I personally have chronic McCain heartburn myself. Note to Reader: McCain, not MCCAIN.

This emotion seems to be coming to the surface at Republican rallies where voters this week have shouted out comments such as “I’m Mad! I’m Really Mad!” or “He’s a Damn Liar! He’s no good for our country!” — all, at the very mention of Obama’s name. Even chants of “NoBama!” and “Obama Osama!” can be heard circulating through the very large crowds that have been assembling across the country. Oh, for shame!

Are these mobs of unruly Republicans demonstrating visceral anger and tension that reflects a party on the precipice of panic at the mere thought of losing the White House to Obama? Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but that is the direction the mainstream media is reporting these scattered incidents.

Or could it be an excitable base that so believes Barack Obama should be sent back to Chicago to continue his work as a “Community Organizer” and leave the People’s House (and it’s business) the heck alone?

Or, could this simply be a frustrated base — tired of the maverick’s alternating attempts at being respectful and bipartisan one minute and a bare knuckle street fighter (like Sarah Palin) the next — when there is so very much is at stake?

Whatever the factors at play, I expect John McCain to be on my side. He can most certainly respect Senator Obama as a colleague and person however, could he keep that to himself for just a few more weeks?

McCain defends Obama: McCain Booed Video