It’s all too easy for the Democrats to point fingers and play the race-card, but what about the racism that comes from the other side? There are Obama supporters who will support him merely because he’s black, even though they won’t admit it.

Howard Stern sent one of his henchmen out to Harlem to ask some interesting questions

Interviewer: Who do you support? McCain or Obama?

Man: Obama

Interviewer: Is that because he’s pro-life, or because he wants to keep our troops in Iraq to get the job done.

Man: We need to keep our troops in Iraq.

Yes, the Stern show gave McCain’s platform to Obama, just to see if these voters were voting based on principle or on race. Here’s the audio. I wish I could say I was either amused or surprised, but I wasn’t.

Oh, and it seems Obama supporters seem to think that once he becomes president, Sarah Palin will be great in the role of VP. No, really.