‘Rednecks for Obama’ has become a movement out of middle America whose founders hope to see Barack Obama become our President. Read about it below and see a video of the group.

Tony Viessman, 74, and Les Spencer, 60, are friends and self described rednecks. They believe that Barack Obama will be the best man for President. They say they believe he is the man who will bridge the cultural gap between rednecks and Obama.

Obama has not struck me as a unifying figure. But, hey, this is America and so far we haven’t sunk into a Marxist state that will deny us the right to disagree.

The two Missouri men have founded ‘Rednecks for Obama’. They have been following the Obama campaign around the country with their banners and t-shirts, showing their support of the would be president. Its basically just the two of them with a few family members sprinkled in here and there. But they are there, proudly proclaiming their support.

The group (or couple) have gotten a lot of attention. The attention is because many people seem to feel ‘Rednecks for Obama’ is an unlikely group of Obama supporters. People have a lot of preconceived notions as to what middle Americans think and feel. The Effete Elite can’t believe that two men that ‘proudly own guns’ (OH MY!) would support Obama. The two men say they don’t believe that Obama is going to take their guns.

No one has won the White House without winning Missouri since 1953. The left is using this group as proof that Obama has a chance with ‘Middle Americans’ and will take Missouri. Since we all vote alike, dontcha know.

I just sharpened my number 2 pencil and marked two votes for Obama in the column for Missouri. Okay, three votes counting Claire McCaskill.

Rednecks for Obama