In the last few days, Barack Obama has admitted to *bumming* cigarettes from various people. See the photos and read about his attempts to quit below.

Some say the photo has been altered. Some say he prefers Newports to Marlboro. Some simply don’t care. However, when I read about someone trying to attain the position of President of the U.S. bumming cigarettes, it gained my attention…for rather odd reasons.

What a conundrum I find myself in ! Recovering Democrat, avid McCain/Palin supporter, and….a smoker. A desperately trying to quit AGAIN smoker. Being an outcast, treated less than human and worse than a murdering, raging conservative, oh how I’ve tried to quit ! Smoking is truly an awful habit. Dirty, stinking, unhealthy habit….yet there are those of us that cling as tightly to our smokes as we do our Bibles and guns.

Now, though..there is hope. Not to quit…it’s too damn hard to keep trying over and over. There is hope that respectability and *coolness* will be restored to the shunned masses ! If we have a President that smokes, especially if it happens to be Obama….well, as hysterically happy as people are with him, he can do no wrong. Therefore, no more criticism of people like me. Who will refuse to sell cigarettes to a teen now ? Who would dare complain if a smoker blew stinky cigarette smoke your way ? That would make those of you who voted Obama hypocritical. Imagine that!

The tobacco industry would have an overwhelming amount of new smokers, eager to emulate the president. Smokers will start fighting back when you try to keep us out of our offices when we want a cigarette. No more standing outside and freezing our fannies off trying to get a few calming puffs off a cigarette ! he says he is trying to quit and chews a lot of Nicorette gum….let’s see…how’s that working out for ya ? Still bumming ciggies off folks that can least afford to buy them..kind of like the CEO in a bar, smoking half the bartenders pack. He is hooked. He is one of us …a smoker. Not an ex-smoker, as I think all of us wish to be, but a current, practicing nicotine addict.

I have to rethink my vote now. That or stock up on Nicorette and Chantix.

If you think Obama’s smoking is a non issue, you are wrong. Our children look to role models and their habits in deciding what they should and shouldn’t do. Obama smoking is a green light to every young person out there. They have enough phony excuses to pick up that first nasty cigarette…they sure as hell don’t need a legitimate one.

Sometimes I catch myself wondering if the tobacco industry and their zillions of dollars aren’t somehow involved in this mass Obama marketing effort, like pushers on our youth.