Madonna has used her Sticky and Sweet World Tour to praise Obama and insult John McCain. The expatriate singer and uber body builder has now banned Sarah Palin from her concerts. Forever! Read about it below and see photos and a video!

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has had to deal with an almost incomprehensible amount of horrific personal attacks since she has been tapped to be John McCain’s vice presidential running mate. She’s been tough and handled all of the mud slinging with class and dignity. But its anybody’s guess how she’ll be able to handle this latest insult.

Madonna has banned Palin from her concerts!!!

That’s got to hurt! How will Palin get her white trash fix now?

The formerly hot pop star seems to have a fixation on Palin. She has dedicated a portion of her last couple of concerts on her tour to the vice presidential hopeful. In New Jersey a couple of nights ago, she declared to her audience:

“Sarah Palin can’t come to my party. Sarah Palin can’t come to my show.”

She kept up the onslaught when she performed her less-than-classy Sticky and Sweet gyrations at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

“You know who can get off of my street? Sarah Palin! I’m gonna kick her ass if she don’t get off of my street!”

If it came down to a girl fight between Madonna and Sarah, my money’s on SarahBarracuda.

Madonna dislikes Palin so much that she sarcastically imitated Palin’s accent saying, ‘I love her’. She even made fun of Todd Palin’s snow machine.

Repeating her comment from her October 4 concert, the sound of a screeching guitar prompted the singer to once again say, “This is the sound of Sarah Palin’s husband’s snowmobile when it won’t start up in the wintertime.”

Brilliant! Madonna should seriously consider giving up her singing career and go into stand-up comedy. She’s got enough money that she could probably pay enough people to show up that she could have a sell out crowd. I don’t know though. I think we might need to hear her imitate a few more items in Palin’s life before we make an actual decision about her comedic abilities. This could have just been a fluke.

At least the Material Girl hasn’t called Palin ‘white trash’, ‘stupid’ or ‘low class’ while she’s strutting in her strategically ripped fishnets, pulling on her thigh high skin tight black PVC boots and flashing her female parts to the world. That would be real comedy.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Palin is absolutely inconsolable that the 50-year-old – woman – who – is – trying – desperately – to – look – and – act – and – sing – and – dance – like – a – 20 – year – old Madonna doesn’t like her. Its a pretty sure bet that she won’t be the entertainment at the Inaugural Ball! Fortunately, Madonna is all about animal rights. I’d hate to think what would happen if she wore fur and could be mistaken for an Alaskan caribou.

Madonna – Video