Welcome to Right Pundits weekly caption contest!!!!! This week Barack Obama is coming up roses. Help us caption it.

Everything is breaking BO’s way this week. His poll numbers are up, the economy is crashing, ACORN is busy registering the Toronto Mapleleafs to vote, he’s gotten $860 million in earmarks before he had to stop requesting them because that irritating McCain told people how much he was getting, he’s got a redneck following and the media is ignoring his extremely questionable political beginnings and associations. Could it get any better than this!!!

Everything is coming up roses for Obama!

Right Pundits’ commenters are THE BEST! Caption the photo for us!

Winners will be announced next week …

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…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Wyatt Earp: Although the final BOTOX injection completely paralyzed her, Nancy Pelosi was heard murmuring, “I . . . look . . . fabulous!�?
  • 2nd Place – Hondo: That’s it. I gotta quit letting the local undertaker do my make-up.
  • 3rd Place – Doug: New mask just out in time for halloween, guaranteed to to scare the hell out anyone.