Here is the Sarah Palin Newsweek cover that has people up in arms. See the photo and read the story.

Complaints are resonating from near and far that the Newsweek cover is biased. The party line is that Newsweek generally touches up photos to make individuals look better. That is true but it is not important when it comes to Sarah Palin.

Earth to the Right: Lighten up. Sarah Palin does not need airbrushing or prettied up. In fact, this cover still looks great and gives her an even more competent, trustworthy aura without the airbrushing. I like it. These people have it right.

The problem with the Newsweek cover is not the photo itself but the biased subtitle. In tiny print, after they introduce her appeal as “She’s One of the Folks,” they dismiss the appeal as a problem.

Granted that the liberal bookworms at Newsweek may think “She’s One of the Folks” is a slight in itself. Main stream media academics, like Barack Obama himself, do not seem to get middle-America. Liberal idealogues see “us” as clinging to guns and bibles, not quite smart enough to understand the important issues. Never mind that Democrat voters are the ones having trouble with ballots and hanging chads, and graduate from high school at a much lower rate than Republican voters.

“She’s One of the Folks” is an inside joke to a handful of liberal elitists that nobody else in the country will get. And they know it, which is why the Sarah Palin Newsweek cover went a bridge too far on the joke, like salting quiche at an Obama wine party.

And so we see “and that’s the problem” added as a tiny subtitle just to make sure that everyone is in on the Newsweek slight, perhaps something added by a junior editor. It leaves conspiracy theorists wondering if Newsweek consulted with the message makers for the Obama campaign.

Curious about reader reactions to the Newsweek cover photo and the message text. Meanwhile, an example of a biased Newsweek reporter is below for your enjoyment in video format.

Palin Newsweek Bias (Video)