Tonight John McCain made his case against Barack Obama’s failed economic policies and doomed to fail foreign policy. “That one,�? (there is already a website) as John McCain affectionately referred to Obama, is responsible for blocking legislation proposed by John McCain two years ago that would have placed tighter regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That one was also the second highest recipient of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae money in history. That one wants to raise taxes on people who make over $250,000 a year, including millions of small businesses that have employees. John McCain rightfully countered with “lets not raise taxes on anybody today.�? That one has never taken on the leaders of his party on a single issue. Let us look at their records.

“That one” has opposed nuclear energy, a crucial element in our endeavor for independence from foreign oil. That one has recently spoken out against drilling off-shore, suggesting we ought to put more air in our tires. That one has even voted for a Bush Administration energy bill, full of pork barrel ear marks and “goodies�? for the oil companies, while John McCain voted against it. That one would pass a health care plan that would impose fines if people don’t get the insurance that the government thinks you should have.

“That one” was wrong about McCain’s successful policy of the surge in Iraq. Instead, that one would have brought our troops home in defeat. That one was wrong about Russian aggression in Georgia. That one was wrong when he publicly announced to the world his foreign and military policies for the future regarding Pakistan. That one would meet with leaders of terrorist states without preconditions.

“That one” has been friends and neighbors with some very shady people, including Tony Rezko (recently convicted on political corruption charges), Bill Ayers (a domestic terrorist who held Obama’s political coming out party in Chicago), his Reverend Jeremiah Wright (known for preaching radical hatred of whites and America), and anti-semitic neighbor Louis Farrakhan. There is not much time left before the election. America, you have the facts before you, now make the right choice.