According to some recent studies, over 2 million undocumented immigrants could vote on November 4, 2008. These illegals could help shift some states, such as Colorado, Virginia, Nevada, and New Mexico, to flip. I am concerned that ineligbile voters will tilt the election. What has caused this surge in illegals voters? Well here are some that come to mind:

1.ACORN – this radical group – they should be shut down ASAP. How many incidents of voter fraud has this group committed over the years?

2. Moter Voter Act of 1993 – this act required no proof of citizenship to register to vote and apply for a driver’s license at the same time. There are no built in Safeguards to prevent voter fraud and abuse. Most states do not bother to check for duplicate registration, felons, or the immigration status. In fact, in San Francisco, voting registrars are not even allowed to aks if you are a United States Citizen.

Its too bad that one party refuses to have Voter ID measures – the Democrats who went to court recently to block Indiana from requiring this. Thankfully, the Supreme Court told the Democrats to take a walk.

I agree with the every ballot should count line – but the vote must be LEGAL. I do not want illegal voters tilting the election.

If this concerns you, please discuss.