Meet Shelly Mandell. She’s the president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women. She introduced Alaska Governor Sarah Palin over the weekend in California at a campaign rally, throwing her support behind the McCain – Palin ticket, and causing quite a stir. You can watch her endorsement video of Sarah Palin below.

Shelly Mandel, a life-long Democrat, made a point of saying she was at the Palin rally in Carson, California speaking not on behalf of NOW but “as an individual, as a woman’s rights activist for 30 years who has worked for all those years to see this day.”

After calling Sarah her “sister” and endorsing the ticket of McCain – Palin, Shelly said:

“Make no mistake,” Mandell said. “I’m a life-long Democrat … I don’t agree with Gov. Palin on several issues.” And yet, she said, “I know Sarah Palin cares about women’s rights, she cares about equality, she cares about equal pay, and as Vice President she will fight for it. She cares about our children and she cares about women’s lives. She’s an athlete and she knows what Title Nine did for girls like her.”

“It is an honor to call her sister,” Mandell said as she handed the microphone over to Palin, who would accuse Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., of “palling around with terrorists.”

“America,” Mandell said, “this is what a feminist looks like.”

The crowd as you would imagine, went nuts; the California NOW chapter did damage control; and Hell froze over.

Shelly Mandel Video