Video and transcript of the 2nd presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennesee appears below when available. Meanwhile, enjoy an open thread to discuss the debate between the two presidential candidates. The debate will be held on Tuesday, October 7th at 9pm EST.

What a week in politics this has been! McCain’s camp declared that the gloves are off and by all evidence it appears that they are. The Obama campaign is crying foul while having removed their gloves long ago.

Sarah Palin had a great success at the vice presidential debate last week and has followed up with a blitz on the campaign trail. She has hit Obama hard on his association with domestic terrorist and traitor William Ayers and his friendships with other questionable characters like Jeremiah Write, Michael Pfleger and Tony Rezko. John McCain has called Obama a liar. Joe Biden has taken some time off from the campaign trail due to the death of his mother-in-law and no one has seemed to notice. Barack Obama is slamming McCain on the economy.

Meanwhile, the world economy is volatile to say the least. The Obama campaign is trying to use that as a ticket to the White House. Unfortunately, they neglect to let people know the role the Democratic control Senate and Congress have had in the Wall Street woes. Everyone is pointing the finger of blame at everyone else. Regardless of who is to blame, an unstable economy is frightening and contributes to an increasingly dangerous world.

All of these issues, and more, add up to a very important election and an unprecedented interest in the election. There have been long lines for voter registration. It seems that everyone wants to be involved in this election and everyone wants their voices heard. Emotions are running high. The outcome of this election will impact the direction in which our country goes from here.

The second Presidential Debate will be a Town hall Meeting type debate. It should be very interesting to watch. I hope you’ll join us here to discuss the debate during and after the event. The comments are open for discussion.

A video and transcript of the debate will be added when they are available.

Obama McCain Debate (Video)
Second debate – full video