Here is the latest video and photos of the so-called “Obama Youth” pledging allegiance to Barack Obama. The scene is eerily reminiscent of the Hitler Youth movement so many years ago in Germany.

To participants in Barack Obama’s youth movement there is apparently nothing fun about the presidential race. It is at least in part a reactionary movement which believes that Barack Obama will change America’s political institutions in revolutionary ways.

We do not know if Barack Obama embraces this sort of militant adoration or rejects it. He has been strangely silent on the topic, such as when the frightening image surfaced last week of kindergarten kids singing allegiance to Obama. Our request for comment from the campaign went answered that time.

Other reputable news outlets have written about the Obama Youth movement as a positive, stating that the Obama youth merely represent the involvement of children in American politics in ways that we never expected but should appreciate.

That is certainly true, but we wonder whether the phenomenon is positive or negative in our open culture which embraces a diversity of ideas. To other media organizations the imagery is frightening.

The latest Obama Youth video is below along with photos.

Your thoughts?

Obama Youth (Video)