The rumor of Joe Biden’s botox operation is heaping a healthy dose of ridicule on the vice-presidential candidate, but it also gives us some perspective on the Democrat ticket this year. See the Joe Biden botox photos and read commentary on the feminized Democrat ticket here.

Many men fail to understand Barack Obama’s appeal. We hear the words, but they often do not make sense the more he repeats them. We begin to grow annoyed with the scolding tones in his voice, as a husband grows tired of marital nagging. We make fun of his introspective self, his gift for soaring gab, and the effortless way he changes his mind.

His difficulty deciding on an opinion, such as the first Wall Street bailout package, reminds us in an odd way of our wives shopping for shoes. He talks about “change” as a road to personal happiness like our spouses’ excitement about redecorating a room or merely switching the couch with the chair.

The allure of feminine male candidates is powerful. Commercial marketeers have long understood the attraction of effeminized males in the sale of products. Male models shave their chests when the target audience is wifely shoppers. Hit television shows that are marketed to women cast men in roles that are absent testosterone, such as the one-dimensional metrosexual boys of Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210, and Desperate Housewives.

The contrasts between the tickets are clear this year. With a little Botox and a lot of flowery chattiness, the Obama – Biden ticket offers something that many Americans really do crave. It is a feminine ticket in many ways that offers comfort for women and some men seeking that buddy in the White House. Consider Obama-Biden the token girly guy or gay fellow that gets included in every women’s clic, the fella you can share your secrets with in confidence and get a “man” perspective.

Obama feminine

Public opinion polls tell us that men favor McCain-Palin and women favor Obama-Biden. Among white men, the support is overwhelming for McCain. Pundits wonder why, but I proffer the reason is not difficult to understand.

So it is no wonder that vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden’s Botox operation may have prettied up his eyes. He would have done it for the same reason that Barack Obama hides his cigarette smoking habit while using flowery language to talk about decorative “change.” Obama himself appears to shave his chest. America is becoming a feminized culture, and a significant segment of the population craves girlish traits in their leaders.

Some men will never understand it. But the campaign handlers and the candidates themselves do. The metrosexual Obama-Biden ticket understands the attraction very well.