The mocking of Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live continues. This week’s skit was a VP debate do-over with Tina Fey in the Governor Sarah Palin role, SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis as Senator Joe Biden, and special guest Queen Latifah playing Gwen Ifill the moderator. You can watch the video of the skit below.

Saturday Night Live has become ‘must see tv’ lately with their parodies on the 2008 election. Tina Fey was back on Saturday Night Live as Governor Sarah Palin in a skit of this past weeks’ Vice Presidential debate.

Gwen Ifill was mocked in the skit–shown as hawking her upcoming book (which she did not do at the debate) promising not to ask follow up questions in order to “not to appear biased for Barack Obama in light of my new book, “Breakthrough, Politics of Race in the Age of Obama.”

However, Sarah was once again the real target. Here’s just one excerpt from tonite’s skit:

“Due to the historically low expectations for Gov. Palin, were she simply to do an adequate job tonight, at no point cry, faint, run out of the building or vomit, you should consider the debate a tie.” Queen Latifah as “Gwen Ifill” tells the audience.

During the real debate with Senator Joe Biden, Govenor Palin seemingly provided new material for the writers of SNL and Tina Fey to mock her by winking at the audience and using colloquialisms such as “doggone it�? and “you betcha!�? During tonite’s skit, SNL ramped up the teasing of her speech as well.

SNL has really been reaping the benefits of the mocking of Sarah Palin. Fey’s Palin skits alone have racked up more than five million viewings on the official SNL website, and hundreds of thousands more have watched on YouTube in just the last three weeks.

SNL Vice Presidential Debate Skit Video