Last night I was taken – for my birthday, ahem – to see An American Carol. David Zucker’s latest flick stars Kevin Farley as a very familiar looking documentary producer who goes by the name “Michael Malone”, Kelsey Grammer as the ghost of General Patton, and an eerily wonderful performance by Jon Voight as George Washington.

An American Carol – Movie Trailer

The premise of course, is based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Malone is visited by the ghost of John F. Kennedy who warns him that three spirits will come to him. Hilarity ensues. Malone is frequently slapped. And the scene with the ACLU is most reminiscent of Shaun of the Dead.

Every cliché imaginable to describe the left in this country is trotted out, with a few guys named Mohammed just for kicks.

In this struggling economy, spend your movie money wisely and invest in a movie that unabashadly proclaims: I Love America!