The verdict was just read in the OJ Simpson trial. OJ guilty guilty guilty. Perhaps several years too late, but finally guilty of something. See the video below.

OJ Simpson was convicted of robbery and kidnapping in the strange case that surfaced in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was in a hotel room with several men attempting to reclaim some memorabilia that was in the room. A gun was involved, and the question before the jury was to what extent was OJ involved in armed robbery.

The panel of 3 men and 9 women deliberated for only 12 hours. There were no black people on the jury, which makes this a very different case from the murder verdict ten years ago. Read the story here.

Simpson’s codefendent in this case was Clarence Stewart. They were charged with 12 crimes, the most serious being robbery and kidnapping. Simpson and Stewart were found guilty on all counts.

OJ Simpson Guilty (Video)