Here is Sarah Palin winking during the vice presidential debate with Joe Biden. See the video compilation of what analysts are calling a masterful debate performance in which she used her style to convey campaign messages clearly.

It is hard to say what wins debates. At an academic level debates are scored by points and counterpoints, like the mysterious way that judges score boxing matches. At a very different level all that matters is how connected the debater is with the audience. If nobody is listening to you then a skilled debater falls on his face.

So in the debate Sarah Palin managed to connect with voters while Joe Biden was sure on his feet. She explained her team’s policies in a plain-spoken, non-confrontational style which moms and dads sitting across a kitchen table understood and appreciated.

See Sarah Palin wink at the camera, and you can begin to understand why America’s heartland seems to love her Reagan-like communication style. Meanwhile liberal academics remain befuddled by her appeal and over-analyze whether there is a double-standard for winking between the sexes.

In fact, some rather out of touch liberals produced this video because they think it is useful to their propaganda effort. I think it’s great, but what do you think?

Palin wink video is below.

Sarah Palin Wink Video