The video below is Sarah Palin’s reaction to the Vice Presidential debate held last night. Its pretty obvious that the crowd loved her! Read more about it and see the video below.

At some point during the debate between vice presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden, it appeared that Biden realized that Palin was not the dumb pushover he had been lead to believe her to be. His early confidence and condescending smile faded into defensiveness and an expression that was nothing short of ‘holy ‘sh*t!!! I’ve been sandbagged!’

In spite of all the propaganda and negative analysis of virtually every facial expression Palin has made and mean-spirited attacks on her family, she showed up, walked out on the stage with confidence and fearlessly dug into issues. Her personality shone and she smiled as she knocked back each attack from her opponent.

Interestingly, it took the left until this morning to come up with their talking points. They say she did ‘okay‘, but was no match to Biden’s years of experience and knowledge and therefore Biden won the debate.

That means that Palin knocked it out of the park.

If they could have found a single flaw, they would have latched on to it and disparaged her mercilessly.

In the video below, she explains to the crowd how, try as he might, Biden had a hard sell that the two most liberal Senators would be able to do what needed to be done in Washington. The crowd burst out into applause and chants of, ‘We Want Sarah!’.

Well done, Sarah. Well done!!!

Sarah Palin – Video

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