I, of course, will vote for Sarah Palin as the winner, but I’m sure all the talking heads will be sure to give us their opinions over the next few days.

Hello to all of you after an extended absence! Other activities in my life has been keeping me form all of you, but rest assured during the McCain-Obama election season, you have been in my thoughts!

However, after watching the arse-kicking contest, um vice presidential debate last night, I had to make a few comments. First of all, Justin did a great job below of summarizing the inaccuracies in Biden’s comments. I loved it when Gov. Palin hung in there and wouldn’t back down to him. I think I heard Reagan come through there a few times, “there you go again!?

He made, I feel, an almost unforgivable gaffe – one that would have had Sarah Palin pilloried right out of the Naval Observatory – his invocation of Article 1 of the Constitution to describe the powers of the Vice President. As a lawyer and a Senator, he should know much better. You see, Article 1 provides the powers of Congress, not Executive powers. While Article 1 sets up the Vice President as the President of the Senate with no voting powers except for tie breakers, Article 2 describes the powers of the Executive Branch and the role of the Vice President to be a heart-beat away from the Presidency. I wouldn’t mind, except he said it in such a condescending way: admonishing the poor outwitted woman to his left that couldn’t possibly understand such things of high importance. In addition to all the mistakes outlined by Justin, Biden’s performance was pathetic. (We won’t even discuss Biden’s smirking and sidewards glances to the Governor. He couldn’t even look at her most of the night.)

As a former female candidate, I have been most interested in Gov. Palin’s candidacy and how the press would react to her. I have always felt that as a professional “GASP? conservative woman, that we are all treated as some form of traitor, similar to how African-American Republicans are treated. We should march to the liberal drum beat, or keep our mouths shut. I have been, regrettably appalled.

My first interview as a candidate with a Baltimore Sun reporter started with, “So how do you plan to balance your legislative duties with your duties as a mother?? OK, perhaps the hapless reporter thought this would be news worthy (he’s a registered Democrat), but my response was, “How many male candidates have you asked that to?? I sat there with sad recognition as the same comments were being made of Gov. Palin and worse: “she should stay home and take care of her kids.?

I thought the liberal women were fighting for the right to have a life that Sarah has had: successful, a mother and to top it off, a Governor! As Sarah’s life gets laid bare, and the vultures circle faster when they realize there is nothing juicy to report – she played flute in the talent portion of the Miss Alaska contest, her “first dude? husband is cute and her main and only squeeze – it is apparent that Sarah has “left the plantation,? or more accurately, left the kitchen and done the unforgivable – injected western/Midwestern conservative female ideals into the fray. Heavens forbid that a conservative woman has accomplished what only liberal women are supposed to do: have a family and a professional life AND not march in lock-step with the Roe v. Wade folks. Come to think of it, how many liberal female politicians have kids? (Remember the Republican Governor of Massachusetts had twins while in office!)

Way to go Sarah! I DO hope someday to be able to meet you. I feel like we are somewhat kindred spirits. Regardless of the ourcome of this election, Sarah Palin is a name we will be hearing more of in the future!


For those of you so inclined, I have listed the Constitutional gaffes by Joe Biden last night. They were significant, numerous and troubling. For more details, please see my “other” post at RightJuris.