The question of who won this debate can be answered different ways, depending on how you define winning. I predict that tonight’s debate will mean a bump in the polls for McCain/Palin, thus I conclude that Sarah Palin is the winner here. She shelled out one heck of a performance. That’s what people will remember. The other thing people will remember is how many times Joe Biden made mistakes, and was just wrong on the facts. Several things he said tonight will hurt his credibility.

Biden said that we spend more in Iraq in three weeks than we have in the past seven years in Afghanistan. That is absolutely false.

Biden said people will not pay more under Obama’s taxes than under Reagan’s taxes. False again. Reagan 28% – Obama 39.5%

Biden said McCain voted the same way Obama did on budget resolutions this year. False. Obama voted yes, while McCain voted no.

Biden said it would take 10 years to get any oil from new drilling. False. It would only take about two years in some cases.

Biden said that the use of force resolution was not a war resolution. False again Joe

Biden said that McCain opposed Clinton on Bosnia. False

Biden blamed the mortgage problems on Bush’s deregulation mentality. False – The real blame can be found in the socialist agenda of the Democrats since the Clinton Administration, wherein they turned the FHA into a high risk lending nightmare. The mentality that everyone should own a home is what got us here.

Joe calls redistribution of wealth “fairness.�?

The final thing that just makes him look bad is this accusation that John McCain doesn’t want to talk to Spain. To be making this assertion just ruins any credibility to anything else the guy says. But we know there isn’t much there either. (See above) If you listen to the interview, it is clear to anyone listening that John McCain could not understand what the interviewer was saying.

To be fair, I will say that Biden was a gentleman, and behaved in a dignified manner. I don’t have a problem with Joe as a person, I just don’t agree with his politics. And that is okay.

For a full transcript and video, go here.