Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

Reaction to the VP debate follow. It is still early to we will continue to compile polls of the VP debate as the night wears on. Please leave sources in the comments and check back here regularly for updates tonight and tomorrow.

Who won the Vice Presidential debate?

FoxNews focus group of undecided voters: almost unanimous that Palin won the VP debate.

CNN focus group of undecided voters: Palin won.

Cable news pundit reactions: Palin won, mostly. Biden on tactical points. Palin connected with the American people.

Keith Olbermann: “Nobody expected this performance.”

Fact checking unraveling: large number of Biden misstatements. Command of legislative history was weak despite confidence.

First poll on who won the VP debate: Palin 86%, Biden 12% (Fox Online)

Drudge online pol on who won the vice presidential debatel: Palin 73%, Biden 26%.

CNN post-debate poll come with unusual spin and a misleading title which has been billed as “Biden won.” The internals were not released, so we don’t know the party breakdown. Their published results are:
Palin more likable than Biden, 54-36%
Palin exceeded expectations – 84%
Biden exceeded expectations – 64%
Did the “best job” – Biden 51%, Palin 35%
CNN did not ask who “won” the debate.

AOL users poll: Palin 47%, Biden 45%

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