John McCain has pulled his campaign out of Michigan stating that he can’t win the state and needs to put resources in other areas. Many Michiganders are upset at his decision. Read one response below.

A mere month away from election day, the McCain-Palin ticket has decided to give up on Michigan voters.

John McCain canceled next weeks appearance in Plymouth, Michigan, and the campaign has pulled all of their TV ads. We’re apparently not worth being the recipient of campaign junk mail, either.

Their efforts will be concentrated on Ohio and Florida, while putting more resources into Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and parts of Maine.

It’s been said the Republicans viewed Michigan as too difficult a state to win, in spite of the economic disaster brought on the state by the mis-management of Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm. Despite the unhappiness of so many disapproving of the Obama/Biden ticket.

Michigan has been devastated by the Democrats and most everyone knows it. The polls are not honest, as so many are not truthful when answering them.

While I cannot speak for the whole state, I can tell you that in recent weeks, especially since McCain appeared in Grand Rapids, there was a major change in people and their politics … in churches, school campuses, even the mall coffee shops. We paid attention, we heard him … we believed and he gained many new voters. So many here have said they would rather throw their vote away, or vote for Elvis, than either Obama or McCain. In my view, McCain had locked up those votes.

I feel throwing Michigan away is a big mistake by the McCain campaign. They really should have spent an hour or 3 talking to real people in this God-forsaken state. We know Obama will only make it worse for us, and our state is already number one on the lists of all things designated *worst*.

Our jobs are gone, our politicians are corrupt (think Kwame) our police agencies decimated by Granholm’s budget cuts … we had senior citizens freeze to death in their own homes last winter, our schools are horrible …. and now you don’t think we’re worthy enough to fight for our vote?

In the last couple of hours, McCain has now lost some very sincere and hopeful supporters. He will likely lose more. While he retains many supporters, the undecideds just went back to “oh well, doesn’t matter … not gonna vote”. Petty, yes … but you’d have to be affected by this state to understand that kind of thinking.

Thanks, McCain campaign. Hopefully the wolves you just threw us to will finish us off quickly and end our suffering under the Democrat’s regime.