Welcome to Right Pundits weekly caption contest. This week we are featuring Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Can you caption it for us?

Nancy Pelosi is NOT happy. She’s not had a good week. First the whole Democratic controlled Congress got caught with their pants down, so to speak. They have refused to heed years of warnings that something had to be done about the stock market. They have been in control of Congress and the Senate for two years and the house of cards they have built is falling down around their heads.

Probably the hardest thing for them to swallow is that they found themselves in the position of having to throw in with President George Bush, a man they love to demonize at every opportunity. That had to be painful for them.

Then they had to call in Senator John McCain for help with leadership, one of their short suits, while finding ways to keep their Presidential candidate as far away from Washington as they possibly could. All the while, staying on task in assigning blame to the other party that has NOT been in control of Congress and the Senate for the past two years.

To add insult to injury, she’s been called out for paying her husband $100,000 in PAC funds.

Yes, I do believe its been a very bad week for Madam Speaker and its showing on her face and her hate-filled rants. At least, I think that’s what its showing. It could be that she can’t change her expression. I just don’t know.

What do you think? What’s she thinking, doing, scheming, conniving? I know you Right Pundits commenters – you’ll have the best captions!

Winners will be announced next week …

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…. and the winners from our last caption contest are ….. :

  • 1st Place – Deathlok: I love a girl that stays in focus after 7 beers.
  • 2nd Place – Wyatt Earp: “Where would you like me to put these, Senator Kennedy?�?
  • 3rd Place – mickey: The only woman in the world who needs a wrist support to hold up her jugs.