Right Pundits Site Update and News

This political site is experiencing exponential growth. Beyond the expected traffic from a busy election season, the writers and editors have taken the political site to a new level through their ingenuity, sheer brilliance, and breathtaking insights into the election. Much appreciation and admiration for all of their hard work.

For the 2008 year, the entire RightPundits.com domain will hit 50 million visits sometime in October. We might hit 100 million lifetime visits by the end of the year.

Along the way, others have thought highly enough of our political site to link us often, much too often for the comfort of our naysayers. RightPundits.com has been linked by every major English language news organization in the world, including the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, LA Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Reuters, Times of London, London Financial Times, Times of India, and the Australian Herald Sun.

Mysteriously, we have also been sourced by the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Salon, and BarackObama.com, all whom we continuously strive to educate. Creative explanations for their deference are welcome in the comments.

Two months ago we became a Google News Provider.

Right Pundits Mobile

I began experimenting with a WordPress mobile plugin which will serve friendly pages to mobile devices. Thanks to MDefl for the idea, our world traveler who spends more time on airplanes than he does on the ground, and a hearty hat-tip to the incomparable David Wissing. The plugin “worked” in that it served pages in a readable format. The comment feature did not work which may be a function of my mobile device. There is an apparent incompatibility with the WordPress caching module which I did not want to research tonight, and there is some fear that the plugin may confuse the search engines. So I turned it off for now.

Comment Moderation

The suspended commenter queue was cleared out so everyone has a fresh start this month. Please review the comment policy carefully and appreciate that we are out of patience with the Obama propaganda and attack machine, which is rampant on the net and making for really dumb discourse this year. You are encouraged to present ideas thoughtfully, explain why, and avoid troll behavior. Short leash until after the election.

Blue Star Chronicles

Belated welcome to Blue Star Chronicles into the RightPundits.com family. Beth Shaw’s site has historically focused on military news in addition to politics, so it was a fantastic fit into our news division. If you haven’t visited Blue Star Chronicles, you are missing a great read. She has a fantastic and well respected site with strong readership.

Right Fashions
Huh?. The crazy side of the “Right” brand has expanded into the world of fashion. Ms. Jenivieve Elly is getting things started over there, so please pay her a visit to marvel at your second favorite topic, celebrity clothing. Barack Obama Muslim garb will be sold there shortly. :)