Nancy Pelosi has been outed for paying her husband out of public funds. She has spoken out against such practices in the past but defends her use of PAC funds to pay her husband as being legitimate. Read about it below and see photos and a video of her.

Poor Nancy Pelosi. She was so excited when the democrats got elected to control the House of Representatives and the Senate two years ago. As Speaker of the House, that made her second in line for the Presidency, just behind Vice President Dick Cheney. It made her the most powerful woman in America. She was just beside herself with excitement.

Under her leadership the Congress has earned the reputation as the ‘Do Nothing Congress’ and enjoyed the lowest approval ratings of any Congress since …. well, as far as I know of ANY Congress. Her Congress is currently overseeing the fall of the American economy and her style of ‘leadership’ is to rant, rave, whine and assign blame to anyone other than herself or her own insiders. See the video below of her reaction to one of the most important periods of time during her tenure as the Speaker of the House.

How embarrassing that this is the democratic leadership that has been in control of our government for the past two years.

Another aspect of her leadership is to speak out loudly about how others should conduct themselves as Congressmen. She has made declarations that it is unethical for Republicans to receive PAC funds. In fact, she lobbied heavily for the 2006 democratic take over of the House and Senate by declaring the Republicans had presided over a ‘culture of corruption’ At the time, several Republican Congressmen, including former Majority Leader Tom DeLay, had received between $5,000 and $15,000 in PAC funds since the 1990s when the Political Action Committee was formed by DeLay to help raise funds for campaign expenses.

And now we find out that Pelosi has paid her own husband, Paul F. Pelosi, almost $100,000 out of her PAC Funds. The money has gone to his real estate and investment firm, Financial Leasing Services Inc. In addition, her husband has taken over as treasurer of his wife’s committee.

She says that what she expects of others doesn’t necessarily apply to her.

“She’s followed all the appropriate rules and regulations in terms of records and paperwork,” said Brendan Daly, Mrs. Pelosi’s spokesman. “When [former treasurer] Leo McCarthy became ill, she thought that it was best that that firm did the accounting and she’s paid fair market value in San Francisco.”

Convenient arrangement for her husband to be overseeing the books. But I’m sure its all on the up and up.

The more we learn, the more we understand why this Congress has been incapable of accomplishing anything and why they have an approval rating in the teens.

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