This video of children singing in support of Barack Obama and “change” had a really creepy cult-like feel to it that I did not like at all. The children are adorable, of course, but I doubt they truly understand the election. After all, at that age, I was supporting Walter Mondale out of pity because no one else seemed to like him very much.

Obama Children’s Chorus

Hat tip to good guy.

I realized that this creepy just-drank-the-Kool-Aid video reminded me of another that I had seen a little while ago. Below is a video of North Korean children singing to their beloved Dear Leader. These children have no idea that they are singing in support of the worst dictator in the history of modern times. They just smile and sing. Except for the race of the children, the videos are quite similar in their creepiness and that vague sense that these kids are being used by adults who should know better.

North Koren Children’s Chorus – Video

No, I’m not saying that Barack Obama is the same as Kim Jong Il (though Kim Jong Il has expressed his support for Obama’s candidacy). However, using children in your political propaganda always seems a bit exploitive and wrong. Obviously, the adults in this video that support Obama have gotten these kids to parrot their beliefs in this very poorly written song and badly choreographed dance. Since kids can be trained to say anything, Obama’s video, like the North Korea video, smacks of brainwashing.

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