‘An American Carol’ is a fun comedy written and directed by David Zucker, the master of movie satire fame. It opens in theaters October 3rd. You can read more about the film, see photos of the actors and watch a video of the trailer below.

The film’s writer and director, David Zucker, is a self-claimed liberal convert who became a conservative after watching the left’s insane reactions to the September 11th attacks with disgust. He got frustrated with the “what did we do to bring this upon ourselves?” mentality of liberal America and decided that, as a country, it was time to put on big-boy pants and man up. So he did, and began working on ‘An American Carol.’

So here’s the basic plot

The film uses the general concept of ‘A Christmas Carol’ but turns the cube a bit by moving the setting of the story from Christmas to Independence Day.

Left-wing activist and filmmaker “Michael Malone” – which is a parody of that liberal blowhard Michael Moore – is campaigning to end the celebration of the Fourth of July.

Malone defiantly argues to the American people that America’s past and present are offensive, and therefore should not be celebrated. (hmmm… that does sound an awful lot like Michael Moore!)

Malone is then visited by the ghosts of 3 great Americans: George Washington, George S. Patton, and John F. Kennedy, who try to make him rethink his view of America and her greatness.

David Zucker co-wrote this movie with Myrna Sokoloff. The cast includes Kevin Farley (who is the brother of the late comedian Chris Farley), Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, Dennis Hopper, Trace Adkins, and the great James Woods. Some of Zucker’s other films include Airplane!, Scary Movie 3 & 4, and The Naked Gun.

If ‘An American Carol’ does well on opening weekend, it’s safe to say that other films with a center-right flavor will follow. With an all-star cast, top-tier writer and director, and good receipts, this movie can send a message to the Hollywood elites who have been rabid with Bush Derangement Syndrome for the last eight years and now are positively apoplectic over Governor Sarah Palin.

Go see this movie this weekend and take a couple of friends with you.

An American Carol Trailer Video