It seems that one wears his to remember and the other for a prop! Last night’s presidential debate demonstrated yet once more how Barack Obama will pander to any group for the vote even our beloved military. Read about “bracelet debate” below and see a video of the battle of the bracelets moment.

Both John McCain and Barack Obama wear “hero bracelets” engraved with the names of fallen soldiers in Iraq.

John McCain wears the bracelet of Army Specialist Matthew Stanley, who was killed in combat outside of Baghdad just before Christmas, 2006. It was given to him by Matthew’s mom, Lynne Savage. During the Presidential debate, John McCain used his bracelet and the memory of Spc. Stanley to drive home his point that he would not withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq based on arbitrary timelines.

Barack Obama, intrepidly, seized on that moment in the debate to show that he too wears a bracelet of a fallen soldier. There was just one small problem… he couldn’t seem to remember the soldier’s name!

Well, the soldier on Obama’s bracelet is Sgt. Ryan David Jopek who was killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb, Aug. 2, 2006. That bracelet was given to him by Sgt. Jopek’s mom on the campaign trail so that he would never forget the sacrifice of families across the country to war.

“She asked me ‘can you please make sure that another mother is not going through what I’m going through,’�? Obama said. “No U.S. soldier ever dies in vain because they are carrying out the missions of their commander in chief.�?

It’s really quite shameful that Obama could not pay homage to Sgt. Jopek’s service and sacrifice by remembering him before the entire world. You would think his 3 days in Debate Camp would have covered that. A ‘Bush looking at his watch’ moment in the debate for sure.

Bracelet Debate Video