Meet Georgette Mosbacher, a socialite and legendary GOP fundraiser and activist. Read her biography and see photos and a video of her below.

Georgette Mosbacher was recently asked who she supported for the 2009 race for New York Mayor. She has been a supporter of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but states she is torn about extending term limits so that he can seek a third term in office. She has not decided who she will support in the mayoral race. On the other hand, she is hopeful that Rudy Giuliani will run for Governor.

“I would love to see Rudy run for governor,” she said. “I mean, he was such an extraordinary mayor. I was just saying the other day, you know, we forget…I remember when I wouldn’t go out after dark and walk my dogs. Then Rudy became mayor. And to this day, I don’t think twice about walking my dogs after dark.”

Georgette Mosbacher Biography

Georgette Paulsin was born on January 17, 1947 in Highland, Indiana. She is 61 years old. Her father was George Paulsin who died in a car accident in 1959. Her stepfather and mother are Randy and Dorothy (Dee) Shepherd. She is the oldest of four siblings. Her has two sisters, Melody and Lyn and a brother, George.

Paulsin graduated from Hammond High School in Highland, Indiana in 1965. She earned her B.S. degree in Education from Indiana University in 1970. She worked three jobs during her college years in order to be able to pay for her education.

She had a knack for business, even though she had gotten her degree in Education. She knew that in order to get ahead in the world, she would have to take a failing business and turn it around. She set her sights for just such a business and in the early 1990s, she found a cosmetic business that fit the bill. Three years from the point she took over the business she sold it for a profit and started looking for another business. At that point, she found Borghese Cosmetics. She took over the high-end cosmetics company in 2000 and began the process of refining and growing the already successful company.

She is now the President and CEO of Borghese. She is also a renowned and prolific political fundraiser. She supports several charities that have to do with children, the elderly and animals.

She has been married to Robert Muir. They divorced in 1977. She was married to George Barrie, the Chairman of Faberge in 1980. They divorced in 1982. She was married to Robert Moshbacher who was the United States Secretary of Commerce. They married on March 1, 1985 and divorced in April 1998. She dated Fred Thompson prior to his latest marriage.

Georgette Mosbacher – Video
Mosbacher on Rudy Giuliani

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