A group called ‘Blacks Against Obama’ has again taken to the campaign trail. They vocally protested an Obama rally in Florida, catching the candidate off guard and off message. See the video.

During Obama’s speech in Coral Gables, Florida, a sea of protest signs greeted him which interrupted his message. The signs contained various messages on them all under the auspices of Blacks Against Obama.

Although Obama told the crowd it was fine for protesters to be there, behind the scenes his campaign staffers did something else. The entire group was physically “escorted” out of the political event in a manner resembling Hells Angels security at a rock concert. One moment of the video captures what might be a hand-signal from Obama himself.

Nobody should object to removing protesters from a public event convened to express ideas. The crowd is there to hear Obama speak, and even well-intentioned protests interfere with Obama’s own first amendment right to free speech.

And nobody should be surprised that Obama’s enthusiastic supporters vociferously shouted down the differing opinion. If another respectful crowd of Blacks Against Obama want to protest Barack Obama, it is appropriate for them to exercise their own 1st Amendment right, but do it across the street.

Besides, their message is nothing new.

What may raise eyebrows is how the large team of security guards descended on the crowd like wolves. Nobody wants to live in a police state where political protests are broken up abruptly simply to allow a political candidate to deliver the usual stump speech.

One expects that Obama will coach his vigilant backers on how to better handle the situation in the future. The suppression of ideas, even ideas contrary to Obama’s own opinion, is not a lasting image that the campaign will want the public to remember.

See the video below.

Blacks Against Obama (Video)