The story of the Sarah Palin email hack has taken a new turn. According to security experts, the hackers’ electronic trail has been traced to Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago. His national headquarters is located there.

In many ways the Palin email hack of her Yahoo account reminds voters of the Watergate break in of 1972. A generation ago, a very suspicious presidential candidate ordered his men to break into George McGovern’s campaign headquarters in Washington DC. The episode was emblematic of an administration known for dirty tricks politics as usual.

In those days they did not have electronic mail but they did have private correspondence on paper. Richard Nixon won election but was impeached for felonies related to the Watergate hack within a year. What is now known as Icegate in 2008 is eerily reminiscent to Watergate in 1972.

Those with a long memory remember the Watergate plumbers who Nixon insisted acted alone. Speaking of plumbing, now we are told that Wikileaks acted alone in the Icegate scandal. Some things never change.

According to an internet security expert located in San Francisco, Gabriel Ramuglia, the Palin email hackers were careless and left a digital trail. That trail leads directly to a server site in Chicago which happens to be the city where all of Obama’s men plot their daily moves. Mr. Ramuglia says that their electronic signature will be easily obtained from the server logs at that site. Mr. Ramugliait does not assert that the hacker is based in Chicago, or that the Obama campaign is involved.

Mere coincidence or more Obama dirty tricks? Nobody can say yet but we will all know soon.

And why is that?

Those familiar with the FBI understand that they take their time with criminal cases. The FBI methodically develops their evidence over a long period of data gathering, only bringing criminal indictments when they feel there is an overwhelming case. Many cases are dropped or drag on in secret for years because the FBI prizes a high conviction rate.

Not so with the Secret Service which has taken over from the FBI in this case. The Secret Service has one primary mission, which is to protect the individuals under their watch. Their mission is not just physical protection but privacy protection as well. They report directly to the Department of Homeland Security under a no-nonsense director named Michael Chertoff, a Bush political appointee.

Gawker Media published the private emails of a vice presidential candidate under Secret Service protection. Right Pundits wonders if our friends at Gawker understand the stakes. We would not be surprised if their servers are seized within the week and that the individuals responsible are arrested for election tampering. The Secret Service does not dick around with evidence building. They act to protect their subjects.

Stay tuned. The explosive turn of events in the 2008 presidential election leave much unknown at this point. Was the Obama campaign involved? Or did individuals act alone? We should know who was behind the Icegate breakin before the election on November 4th.

Palin Email Hack (Video)