This is Carol Fowler, the South Carolina Democratic Party Chairperson. Fowler said today that Senator John McCain had chosen Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate because her primary qualification is she hasn’t had an abortion.

It seems that South Carolina Democratic chairwoman Carol Fowler suffers from PDS — a condition also known as “Palin Derangement Syndrome.” It occurs in those who also suffer from the common but tragic desease “BDS.”

Fowler, who should know better but obviously doesn’t, reportedly lashed out at Sarah Palin saying the Republican vice presidential candidate’s “primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.�? She also said that John McCain’s decision to choose an abortion rights opponent would not boost his candidacy among many women. This of course refers to Sarah Palin — a self-described “hockey mom�? and mother of five children — who gave birth April 18 to her youngest child, Trig, diagnosed with Down syndrome.

But thankfully the outrage has been swift and sure. The shrill efforts of Ms. Fowler to demean Governor Palin and wipe out all of her accomplishments because she disagrees with the NARAL crowd is again evidence of the unhinged.

Fowler issued the obligatory apology but of course any damage was done.

“I personally admire and respect the difficult choices that women make everyday, and I apologize to anyone who finds my comment offensive,�? she said in a written statement. “I clumsily was making a point about people in South Carolina who may vote based on a single issue. Whether it’s the environment, the economy, the war or a woman’s right to choose, there are people who will cast their vote based on a single issue. That was the only point I was attempting to make.�?

I guess South Carolinians who are one-issue voters, Pro-Life, are wrong to be so? Thankfully, Mrs. Fowler isn’t “The Decider.”

Interestingly, Carol Fowler is the wife of Don Fowler, former National Democratic Party Chair who was also forced to apologize after being captured on an amateur video during an airplane flight chuckling while saying,

“Hurricane Gustav is going to hit New Orleans about the time the Republican National Convention starts. … That just demonstrates God is on our side.�?

We blogged about that here at RightPundits. I guess a rabid form of foot-in-mouth disease runs in the Fowler family.