Meet Jackie Guerrido, a Puerto Rican weatherperson and television personality. Read her biography and see photos and a video below.

All eyes are on Hurricane Ike as it makes its way through the Caribbean. Its leaving a swath of death and destruction in its wake and is slowly making its way to the Texas coast. Even in the midst of all the disaster, many are preferring to get their news of the storm from Jackie Guerrido, the Puerto Rican weatherperson who keeps Hispanics in the United States informed of all things weather related.

Wonder why!

Jackie Guerrido Biography

Jackie Guerrido was born on September 24, 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is 37 years old. She was raised and educated in Puerto Rico. After she graduated from high school, she moved with her family to the Bronx, New York.

She started her career on a morning radio show called El Vacilon de la Mañana (“Goofing Around in the Morning”). Following a stint on that show, she was offered a job with a Miami radio station ‘Romance 106.7 FM’. She worked on ‘Romance 106.7 FM’ for a year and then joined HBC Radio Company where she co-hosted a radio program including broadcast news and traffic reports. She was then given her own music show at Salsa 98.3 FM. She started television work as a traffic reporter on Telemundo Channel 51. In 2004, Guerrido was named the “Good Will Ambassador” of the Puerto Rican Day Parade celebrated in New York City.

She was eventually offered a job as a weatherperson with Univision for a television show called Al Amanacer de Noticias 23 (“Morning News at Channel 23″). She took meteorology courses at the University of Miami to be able to better perform in her new position. She also studied journalism at the University of Florida.

Guerrido is currently the weatherperson for Despierta America (“Wake Up America”). It is one of the most popular television programs for the Hispanic community in the United States. She is also a weather reporter on Primer Impacto (“First Impact”) with Barbara Bermudo.

Jackie married Reggae singer, Don Omar in Puerto Rico on April 19, 2008. She has two teenage sons, Thomas and Adieny.

Jackie Guerrido – Video