Kym L. Worthy is the current prosecutor of Wayne County, Michigan and also the first black person to serve as a county prosecutor in Michigan. She is the courageous Detroit prosecutor who has taken on the powerful and politically connected Detroit Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick. Read a biography and see photos and a video of the woman behind Kwame Kilpatrick’s prosecution below.

Kym Worthy is a brilliant and beautiful 51 year old woman. She is fearless as well as determined in her job as prosecutor in enormous Wayne County, Michigan that includes metropolitan Detroit. She received her bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and her law degree from the University of Notre Dame.

Ms. Worthy was an assistant prosecutor in Detroit from 1984 until 1994. She served as a Wayne County Circuit Court judge from 1994-2004.

Most people in Michigan were aware of her tenacity in seeking justice long before Kwame Kilpatrick decided she was persecuting him. At this point in time, there might be 2 people in this state that are not cheering her on (Kwame’s mom and wife). Ok maybe 3 … can’t forget the girlfriend Christine Beatty.

During this past week, Kwame Kilpatrick’s defense team has been trying to reach a plea deal with Kym Worthy’s office. The one tiny thing they can’t seem to work out is Ms. Worthy wants Kilpatrick to serve a bit of jail time. And I do mean just a bit … rumor is 120 days, with a possibility of only 90. The disgraced Mayor of Detroit is demanding zero jail time. How cold hearted of her to want jail time for a criminal facing 10 felony charges!!!!

Kilpatrick’s defense team wants the following sweetheart deal :

He would plead guilty to two felonies, make restitution and serve five years’ probation, in addition to performing 300 hours of community service and surrendering his law license, PLUS not run for office for 2 years. He just does not want to be incarcerated like a … a … criminal!?

Ms. Worthy is calling those terms a deal breaker.

It’s unknown how this whole comedy-drama will play out this week. Governor Jennifer Granholm has been asked to remove him from office since Kilpatrick simply can’t find it in himself to pull up his big boy britches and take responsibility for anything. He’s just flat out refused to leave office. Governor Granholm could remove him from office as early as Wednesday, September 3rd. If she does, there will be no further negotiations between Ms. Worthy and Kwame Kilpatricks defense team.

Mr. Kilpatrick has even suggested he be allowed to perform his community service among the homeless and disadvantaged …. personally, if you’re homeless and destitute, I think you’ve been punished enough without being subjected to one of this nations most corrupt Mayors.

Our Governor Granholm is a Democrat and seems to be very reluctant to take any action that would resolve the trauma the people of Michigan have been subjected to at the hands of Detroit’s Mayor over the last year or more. I will be beyond amazed if she does the right thing. Ms. Kym Worthy, however, brings tremendous hope to all of us that choose to remain on the *right* side of the law.

Never, ever bet against a good and honorable woman !

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Kym Worthy – Video
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