Meet Roberta McCain, the feisty and often outspoken mom of Senator John McCain, Republican presidential candidate. She enjoys life more than many people a quarter her age! Read her biography, see photos and a video below.

Roberta McCain, the potential First Mother of the United States, with a brisk walk and a strong voice can fire up a roomful of supporters with stories of her “Johnnie.”

However of late there have only been rare media outings for Mrs. McCain, like today’s volunteer work of filling bags of relief supplies for Hurricane victims. It seems Mrs. McCain is on a short leash as far as impromptu interviews:

“They won’t let me be interviewed,” McCain lamented to the radio host who approached her Tuesday during the Republican convention in St. Paul. “They won’t let me talk.”

Ok. So maybe Roberta has had a few “straight talk” moments that were a wee bit ackward but she’s a breath of fresh air and can take a good deal of credit for where her son is today.

I say let Roberta be Roberta!

Roberta McCain Biography

Roberta Wright McCain nicknamed “the firecracker,” was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma on February 7, 1912 so her age is 96. She is the widow of Admiral John S. McCain, Jr. (1911-1981) and mother of Arizona Senator and Republican presidential candidate John S. McCain III.

Roberta and her twin sister, Rowena were raised in Los Angeles. She married John S. McCain, Jr., on January 21, 1933, in Caesar’s Bar, Tijuana, Mexico. They were married 48 years and raised their family moving between naval bases in America and abroad. However, they always called the Mississippi Delta area “home.” The McCains had 3 children: a daughter named Sandy McCain Morgan who is the oldest; Senator John S. McCain III’ and the youngest is Joe McCain, a dinner theatre actor. By all accounts, the McCains of Carroll County were devoted to one another and their traditions; a lively, proud and happy family.

Known to be independant and a woman who speaks her mind, John McCain has said of his mother:

“My mother was raised to be a strong, determined woman who thoroughly enjoyed life, and always tried to make the most of her opportunities. She was encouraged to accept, graciously and with good humor, the responsibilities and sacrifices her choices have required of her. I am grateful to her for the strengths she taught me by example.”

Roberta has been a very active and often seen on the campaign trail for her son John’s races. You can watch a campaign video of them below.

Roberta McCain Video