Ned Nugent is a rock star who gets a lot of grief in the word of celebrity for his outspoken conservative views. Never at a loss for words or opinions, he has analyzed Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech for the Democratic Party nomination for the Presidency of the United States. Read about it below and see photos and a video.

When Obama was giving his acceptance speech in front of 80,000 fans of the DNC Convention crowded into Invesco Field in Denver the other night, Ted Nugent was entertaining thousands at the New York State Fair. He says that’s why he missed the speech in real time. But he listened to it later and then departed his unique wisdom dissecting the speech and the man for what he perceives them to be.

And for the most part I have to say that I agree.

Everyone knows that Ted Nugent is not your ordinary legendary rock star. He IS a legendary rock star, but he’s all American. He doesn’t buy into the new age ethereal mumbo jumbo that the average celebrity subscribes to. Most of those celebrities were participating in, producing, directing or worshiping in the production of the Obama Grand Temple Theater.

Nugent, on the other hand, is something of a maverick. He is ostracized by many of his peers because he doesn’t dance to the same tune. Instead, he is outspoken about his many opinions. Instead of dwelling on imagining all people living as one, Nugent waxes poetic about the beauty of a good kill while hunting game in the wilds of Michigan.

Nugent is very much in touch with his inner pioneer. He understands the intricate and beautiful relationship between man, gun and game. In that sense, he’s more evolved than those of us who have, over generations, lost touch with the genetic memory of our pioneering forefathers who sailed a sea without knowing what was on the other side. Or if there was another side. We’ve lost touch with our frontiersmen kin who packed up wagons to cross a continent without knowing what was over the next ridge and wore trails in the earth as they searched for whatever fate had in store for them.

The blood and genes of those ancestors still flows in our veins. Its what makes us just slightly different than our more timid cousins we long ago left in the homelands of our fathers. During the Revolutionary War, King George of England had a moment of clarity when he said, ‘They are no longer Englishmen. They have made their own country.’ Even he understood that Americans had left Europe behind.

Ted Nugent’s insanity is his charm. He’s come to a position in life when he can say what he wants in this politically correct world and the devil be damned. I think that’s why some of us laugh when we hear him. We wish we could be so free. We would risk being shunned by neighbors or losing jobs for saying what he says.

Really, all it is, is that he embraces being American and the heritage of the men and women who were tough enough to survive and thrive in this new and sometimes hostile land. Yeah, he’s a little crazy, but in a good kind of way. I think he also likes being outrageous and shocking. And a lot of the time he actually makes some sense.

Take for instance his analysis of Obama’s acceptance speech. He says he just won’t let him kill the American Dream and won’t let him tamper with his dream.

Here’s some nuggets from the Nuge as he slammed down the Obama’s socialist gospel as presented to the DNC.

The Obaminator may be treated like a rockstar, he has much more in common with a one hit wonder, no talent pop star.

and ….

The Obaminator will say anything, change any position, and obfuscate his socialist intentions and beliefs to get elected.

and ….

The Obaminator gave an over-the-top inspiring speech if you are a member of the Fedzilla addicted, bloodsucker, anti-free market, European socialist cult of denial of America.

and ….

He favors gay marriage, he wants to renew the idiotic “assault weapons�? ban, spend us into bankruptcy with socialized medicine and — get this — give the GI bill to people who serve their “communities.�? Hey, pal: the GI Bill is for those who wore the uniform, not tye-died jeans and a dirty t-shirt.

and ….

Senator Obama is not ready to lead anyone who isn’t a trendy rock fan looking for symbolism over substance.

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