Meet Robert Paxton, the former president of Iowa Central Community College. He resigned his lofty position after party pictures from a boat were published with young coeds drinking a keg. See those interesting photos below.

The photo of a college president partying with college age girls caused a firestorm in the local community in Iowa. He is seen in a boat holding a mini-keg of beer over a young girl’s open mouth (which he says was not actually dispensing beer due to a malfunction). Three other young hotties and a misplaced guy appear to be cheering on the lucky old buzzard.

According to our friends at Deadspin, Dr. Bob Paxton’s 19-year old son was in the boat and arrested for DUI later that day. The name of his wife is reportedly Lori Paxton.

Everyone agrees that the 52-year old Paxton did nothing wrong or illegal by swingin’ with chicks. Consider him an Iowan James Bond. Everyone drinking in the boat was supposedly of legal drinking age, although perhaps barely. And the scanty bikinis barely covering the women’s supple breasts were tastefully worn on a hot 4th of July day.

And yet the board of trustees for Iowa Central Community College voted a compensation package for Bob Paxton that allowed him to resign the college president’s job in exchange for a lucrative settlement. He received $400,000 deferred over two years just for quitting.

Incidentally this was not the first problem Paxton encountered in his tenure. Reports say that in 2002 he was indicted for felonious misconduct in office and falsifying public records. The issue at that time was a scandal involving falsification of grades for student athletes. Charges against him were later dropped.

The story juxtaposes a community’s standards for responsible public conduct against what to other people would seem like normal and private behavior on a hot weekend. The feeling in the Iowa community was apparently that Paxton was not upholding virtue quite enough for them.

So can a college president party with hot farm-girls? Tell us what you think.