According to numerous news sources, Putin claims that George Bush and friends orchestrated the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia so that McCain would win the election in November.

I’m having a lot of trouble following Putin’s line of reasoning on this one, but I think it goes like this: Bush/Cheney are worried about this Obama guy. Bush/Cheney believe that the American people will go for an experienced Republican when there’s a foreign crisis. Since Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t enough of a crisis, Bush/Cheney decide to create one with Russia. Bush/Cheney urge the tiny nation of Georgia to fight Russia, promising support. Of course, when the Georgians start to fight, Bush/Cheney back away, and leave it to McCain to declare a new Cold War.

Not only is there no proof of any of this, but starting a fight with Russia so that McCain gets a few extra votes seems stupid beyond belief. I think Putin may also believe in controlled demolition.

I think the only thing clear about this story is that Putin is clearly rooting for Obama. Since he thinks the Republicans are messing in his backyard, he wants the other guy to win. The one who seems like he’ll play nice.