ABC News producer Asa Eslocker has been following the money in Denver during the Democratic National Convention. He had an unexpected altercation with the Denver Police today and was arrested. The Police Department refusing to say anything to ABC News about the charges. Read about what happened and we have the video here.

ABC’s The Money Trail has apparently decided to not drink so much Koolaid at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this week and instead worked on an investigative piece geared at finding out where the money is coming from that is paying for the DNC and, for that matter, for Barack Obama’s campaign. The investigative piece was taking a look at elite donors and corporate lobbyists who are wheeling and dealing at the convention.

The common man and woman apparently had not been informed that the la de damn da Brown Palace Hotel owned the sidewalks in Denver, and could have the Police throw your fanny out into traffic on a whim, for whatever reason they deemed appropriate.

While Asa Eslocker and his camera crew were attempting to do the job they are paid to do, they were approached by a cigar chompin’ Police Sgt, who had his own entourage of 5 officers. They were informed they had to leave. Sgt. Cigar Chomper then placed his hands around Mr. Eslockers throat, twisted his arm behind his back and pushed him into traffic. Then he apparently remembered he had handcuffs and that might play better than letting a citizen get hit by a car to eliminate the pesky problem of truth telling.

I can’t help but wonder who came up with this brilliant idea, and why they thought it necessary. I mean these uber rich Dems surely wouldn’t be hiding anything, right? Surely they would be at the Brown Palace Hotel with their own wives and husbands, correct? It’s not like John Edwards was hiding there.

The big secret couldn’t be about money changing hands and political promises being made in return. Barack Obama has built his whole campaign on not doing that sort of pandering and doing favors for lobbyists with fists full of money. So surely that’s not the reason to manhandle and arrest reporters who get too close. Surely not!

Is this the ObamAmerica we could look forward to if he is elected? One where reporters ‘disappear‘ if they report too much?

Oddly, the video shows other people being allowed to use the sidewalk without being thrown in traffic. Oddly, no other police officers are heard yelling “You’re lucky I didn’t knock the f..k out of you” at Joe Citizen.

Asa Eslocker’s was released later today on a $500.00 bond.

Can’t wait to see this episode of how free speech can be quite harmful to your health. Not to mention your wallet.

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