Here is an open-thread for Joe Biden’s speech at the DNC convention in Denver. Videos and transcripts of the speech are available here just as soon as he finishes on August, 27th 2008.

Our writers will be live-blogging the DNC speech either in the posts or comments below. Join the conversation.

Update: You can read the speech transcript on Biden’s speech, every last word over at FoxNews.

Joe Biden will make a turning point in a convention that has been described as tepid and lackluster so far. Day 1 introduced Obama’s family while day 2 betrayed the friction between the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama factions. Biden will follow former president Bill Clinton, who will contrast his economic accomplishments with the Bush years.

Biden’s speech will set his sights clearly on John McCain. The traditional role of the Vice President candidate is that of attack dog, and Biden is known for giving fiery speeches. Democrats are holding their breath that he will not come across as angry.

It will be a difficult challenge for him to go after McCain on Iraq. Biden also voted for the war. And Biden does not have much domestic policy expertise, despite almost 40 years in the United States senate. He does have judiciary experience (via committee), but do not expect him to talk much about judges. At this convention the DNC is trying to soften their image on liberal judicial appointments.

But nevertheless it is expected to be an attack speech which goes right after his long-time friend in the Senate. Biden will attempt to tie John McCain to the Bush White House, and emphasize the slogan that McCain is another Bush term.

We wonder if his heart will be in it against his friend. Expect the McCain campaign to air advertisements reminding people of all the great things Biden has said about their candidate.

So join us for what will prove to be an interesting night at the 2008 DNC convention in Denver. While we wait for the transcript and video, you can see Biden speaking at the last DNC convention.

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