Here is the thread where you will be able to read about the Bill Clinton DNC Convention speech. We may be live blogging the speech and will be discussing it at length here. We’ll also add a video and transcript as soon as they are available. Updated with video of Bill Clinton’s speech.

The theme for Wednesday night at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado is ‘Securing America’s Future’. Lets fact it, National security is not the democrats strong suit, so we’ll have some fun watching and listening to what they have to say about that. It is good for a bit of comic relief after all. If we can save the world from global warming by checking the air pressure in our tires, who knows what we can accomplish for the American security by changing our oil more frequently!

Bill Clinton has been the hitman in his wife’s presidential campaign. He says ‘outrageous’ things and she gets to rise above the fray. But he gets the sound bites out there for public consumption. He’s also played the part of a bit of a lose cannon. Oh my, what will Bill say or do next!

I don’t for a second believe that either one of the Clintons don’t know exactly what they are doing and have their strategies planned out in minute detail. Bill’s actions and statements have been all part of the plan.

For instance, he has let everyone know how outraged he is that he’s been told exactly what to say and do during his DNC Convention speech tonight. He wanted to speak on the economy and instead has been put on the list of speakers on securing that America’s future. The well orchestrated production that is the Democratic Convention apparently includes telling the participants how they can participate. He’s made sure people know that.

In fact, the party that claims they advocate free speech and freedom of expression more than any other, has gone to great lengths to suppress free speech and free expression at every turn. Interestingly, they are putting Bill Clinton’s speech on a 5-second delay … just in case he strays from the script they’ve given him and isn’t a good boy.

I’ve never been a fan of the Clintons, but even so, I have to admit that at least they don’t pretend to be something that they aren’t. They will do anything for power, the are ruthless, relentless in their pursuit of power and absolutely shameless. I’m sure there are a few more adjectives I could throw in there, but that’ll suffice for the moment.

So it should have come as no surprise to anyone that the Clintons would do whatever was necessary to hijack the convention from the Obamas. Barack Obama’s managers have tried to minimize the Clinton Effect on the convention. They put on a spit and polished show the first night. The problem was it was too orchestrated and more like a melodrama than a political convention. People walked away not remembering what anyone said. Then they moved Hillary Clinton’s speech out of the prime time slot she had to as late in the evening as they could. But she still stole the show. She managed to encourage her supporters to support ‘the democratic nominee’ without particularly being enthusiastic about Obama. She managed to speak of McCain’s character and integrity while talking of him as the opponent and never mentioned Obama’s character and integrity.

The evening was Hillary Clinton’s evening. Everyone was talking about her speech, the reception of her supporters, how she had hit it out of the park and how protesters and supporters had been kept out of the convention and drowned out by cut-off mics and louder music. All to keep the illusion of unity front and center. Regardless of what they did, the news of the evening was Hillary. She won the evening and for Tuesday night in Denver it was Hillary’s show.

Now we have Wednesday night at the DNC Convention and everyone is anticipating Bill Clinton’s speech. No one is talking about the Obamas, they are talking about the Clintons. That will make two nights of the convention that have taken away from Obama. Speaking of that, where is Obama and why is he not at the convention?

Here’s the DNC Convention Schedule highlights for Wednesday night:

  • Vice Presidential Nominee, Joe Biden
  • Former President Bill Clinton
  • Former Senator Tom Daschle, South Dakota
  • Governor Bill Richardson, New Mexico
  • Senator Evan Bayh, Indiana
  • Senator John Kerry, Massachusetts
  • Senator Jay Rockefeller, New York
  • Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
  • Senator Ken Salazar, Colorado

Its like the vice presidential stake losers all on one evening.

Will Joe Biden be able to stick to his script and not make some outlandish statement about how clean Obama is? Will he be able to stay within any sort of time frame or will we be listening all night? Maybe they will put him on a 5-second delay and have a shock collar on him to make him stop when his time is up.

And what’s with Bill Richardson being on the national security evening? Isn’t he the guy that was in charge of national security under the Clinton administration and managed to have Chinese spies walk out of Los Alamos with nuclear secrets under his watch? As an interesting aside, he managed to by-pass too much bad publicity over this little misplacement of nuclear secrets with the help of his mentors, the Clintons. Then he stabs the Clintons in the back to get the chance to be Obama’s running mate. Looks like he backed the wrong horse. The Clintons are well known for payback. I’d be willing to take bets on how long it would take before the Clintons manage to leak out some of Richardson’s misdoings. Payback’s a bitch.

Get the popcorn out. Let’s watch the show. You have to admit this has been much better than the usual convention. If only the dems weren’t keeping the disgruntled out of view, it could be even more interesting. But that’s pretty much what happens when extreme leftists are running the show. There’s very few personal freedoms allowed within that political paradigm. Still, lets watch to see if President Bill Clinton steals yet another night from Obama.

Come on by and join us :)

Transcript and video will be added as soon as they are available.

Bill Clinton Convention Speech – Video